Objectives of IEIC2015

Kaushik Basu Tweet on Indian education 1024x427 Objectives of IEIC2015

This is what Kaushik Basu, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank, said about Indian education on 19 August 2014 on Twitter.

Both in skills and education, India’s challenge is clear – both in realising the demographic dividend of bringing several hundred million young Indians into training and education, but also providing the quality for them to succeed in the long term.

Traditional classroom learning cannot provide the whole solution, and foreign involvement, as well as that of technology, must be a significant component. That is where IEIC2015 comes in.

The India EIC2015 will bring together the skills, education and technology community in the UK, India and other countries to discuss the possibilities and challenges for collaboration. It will provide a platform for thought-leadership in the Indian education space and explore the investment opportunities and challenges within this fast-growing and exciting sector.

This conference will:

  • Explore how innovations in technology, curriculum and financing could help improve educational outcomes;
  • How partnerships can be built between employers and educators;
  • Indian education businesses looking to expand and grow; and
  • How international education partnerships and innovating financing could address global education challenges.

You should attend if you one of the following describes what you do:

  • European higher or further education institution looking to work with India;
  • Indian higher or further education institution looking to work with partners abroad;
  • Trade body or association;
  • UK qualification and certification body;
  • Involved in the skill development landscape in India, or a government official;
  • Education entrepreneur or investor;
  • Edtech company; and
  • Service provider in the education area to facilitate partnerships between different institutions.

IEIC2015 comes a few months after the FICCI Global Skills Summit 2014 (4-5 September 2014) and the FICCI Higher Education Summit (13-14 November 2014), where the UK was the Partner Country. The UK was also a Partner Country for the 2013 edition of the GSS.